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Design for Six Sigma Executive Workshop

Providing you a comprehensive overview of how to implement Design for Lean Six Sigma successfully in your organization 

This two-day workshop provides a comprehensive review of the concepts, processes, methodologies, and tools that necessary for a successful implementation of Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) in your organization.  Instead of fixing broken processes or product design,  DFSS providing you the ideas and the vehicle for you to achieve six sigma process or product at the first time.

This course is designed for executives, managers, and project leaders who need to manage the develop of a process or product which will achieve six sigma at the first time.   

Workshop synopsis

    Day One 

  • What is Design for Six Sigma and when to apply
  • DFSS process-DCDOV process
  • How to integrate DFSS into your design process
  • How to Define a DFSS project – using Voice of Customers (VOC)
  • How to translate VOC into your requirements-QFD and beyond
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Concept Development -  Triz, Design Axioms

 Day Two 

  • Design Development – DFX

   Design for manufacturability

   Design for reliability, serviceability and maintainability

  Design for minimum life cycle cost

  • Transfer Functions and process of identifying Critical To X Parameters (CTX)
  • Overview of major DFSS tools – Design of Experiments, Responsive surface Methods, Taguchi Design of Experiments
  • Optimizing design
  • Verifying capability

  Verification and validation

   Testing Design

   Testing Management

  • Successful DFSS implementation in your organization 

Learn how DFSS can be used in designing a new process or new product which benefits your bottom-line.