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     Assessment of Six sigma implementation

To harvest the benefit of six sigma approach to improve the quality and productivity of an organization which will result in the bottom line improvement requires a comprehensive six sigma implementation.


This implementation extends to the entire value chain, from the customers to the suppliers. Application of the scientific methods in the decision making, and the existence of six sigma projects for the improvement is part of components in implementations; however, they are the necessary, but not sufficient conditions for a mature six sigma implementation in an organization. 


A mature six sigma implementation requires maturity in the following areas:


v  Leadership

v  Infrastructure implementation

v  Organizational transformation

v  Training

v  Business Impact

v  Customer Focus

v  Decisions based on the scientific methods  


The assessment is to provide the data for the gap analysis to determine the necessary actions for closing the gaps and for becoming a mature six sigma centric organization which has the characteristics of customer focus, data and fact driven management, process focus management, and proactive management.


The assessment is performed by interviews of key individuals or groups, a review of existing documents and tours of appropriate operations.